Official Rules For The International Dory Races  (Revised August 2016)



Dory -20 feet –Wood Construction


Oars –Not More than 9-1/2 feet –Straight Blades


Two rowers in a dory


Rowers can use foot braces and belts (but not mandatory)

Stationary seats only. Sliding seats are forbidden


Categories: Juniors, Mixed, Women’s, and Over 50 Men’s:  the following 4 categories

Races.  (Start to Turning Buoy) ¼ mile return to start. Total =½ mile.


Senior Race Course The 5th Category (Start to turn Buoy)= ½ mile return to start Total 1 mile course


Senior Rowers (men and Women division) no age limit

Junior Rowers (not 19 years old or older on the day of any race.)

Over 50 Rowers must be 50 years of age or older on the day of the race.


Turning Buoys: Turn Buoy clockwise, Buoy cannot pass under the boat, Buoys at least two contrasting colors.


Committee Boat:  Must have equal amount of members of judges from each country, on board.


Teams represented by each country will be chosen by elimination Process.


No rower can participate in more than one category.


You are not allowed to participate in elimination races, If you are unable to attend the international Events following the race.


In a special event where one of the winning team rowers is unable to participate, EX, (Un for scene circumstance) the partner may choose another rower to participate, if this cannot happen the 2nd place dory will be given the opportunity to compete.


Race Starts:

There shall be a representative from each country at the start of the line for all races.


The committee will select each rep.


The race shall be restarted if an equipment breakage occurs with in 10 strokes counted by the chase boat/and or starter. Or if a lane impediment between 2 dories occurs within 10 strokes.


All International races to be started by a start gun.


Not a fisherman’s Race. Each dory must not impede the other dory. Committee boat /chase boat to observe for a foul. The dory that fouls will forfeit the race.


Flip coin for lane and Draw name for boat selection. Visiting country has first call.


Pre race warm ups: Lunenburg: warm ups to be conducted behind the starting line.

                                    Gloucester: warm ups will be Cleary defined by chase boat.


Pre race meeting ½ hour before race time, to review rules to be followed and questions.


All rowers must obey 5 min gun;” Come to the line to start your race at end of 5min practice time.”


Any violation of these rules will result in review by committee on both sides of the border, and could result in disqualification.


Exception can be made on day of race if both committees agree on exception prior to race start.

Example of this is: (Competitor has to row in more than one race due to unavailability of another rower.)


No Changes can be made to the official rules unless reviewed by both countries and written by official members of CDRA and IDRC respectively.



Officially agreed September 2016


Kelly George CDRA President

Representing Canada




Bill Edmonds IDRC Member

Representing USA